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Gold Plating Services
Goldgenie are specialists in gold plating most metals including aluminium some types of plastic, mobile phones and gadgets, bathroom accessories, antiques, jewellery and religious artefacts. Our specialist gold plating technicians can produce a number of different finishes including 24ct. Gold, Antique, Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver, Chrome and Nickel. As featured on BBC televisions “Dragons Den” Goldgenie have grown to become the “Go To” company for all your gold plating needs and requirements on a Global scale. Goldgenie also have a division that can come on site to your home or company and gold plate, silver plate and even chrome plate most items such as bathroom taps and fittings, without item being removed or disturbing surrounding area, especially useful for private homes, hotels, car dealerships and antique dealers, if cannot be done at your home or premises item can be picked up by our courier or you can send in to our London offices for customization.
Business Opportunity
Start your own gold plating business now. Goldgenie are looking for operators in your area.
Customization Services
Customize your item in Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold or Swarovski style crystals using our secure online customization service.